AT&T Prepping for September iPhone 5 Launch

AT&T Logo
Website BGR (Boy Genius Report) has learned through their sources that AT&T has begun preparing for the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S launch, and is looking forward to a release in early to mid-September.
If reports are accurate, AT&T has already begun the process of informing employees, as well as those who work at retail locations to finish any sort of training asap. According to the report, this is so that retail locations can prepare for the major rush stores will get in September when the new iPhone launches.
Apple has yet to announce the latest iPhone, but reports are already circulating, and Apple is expected to reveal the new handset in the coming months during their fall event, usually used to showcase the new iPod line. iPod sales have declined over the years, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see those take a back seat to Apple’s highly-popular handset if the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S) is unveiled.

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