Basic iPod Touch and iPhone Format Differences

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The iPod Touch is Not a Disabled iPhone

Many people assume that the differences between the iPhone and the iPod Touch end essentially around the ability to make phone calls, send text messages and use the 3G network. This really is not true, and from the first look at the desktop you are going to see some of the major differences between the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

iPod Touch Features

The first thing you will notice with the iPod Touch is exactly what built-in applications are available, and what are not. Instead of finding Safari down in the lower bar it is going to be right up and available with the rest of the iPod Touch applications. The same is true of Mail, which gets the same treatment. This shows the iPod Touch's emphasis on its Wi-Fi internet connecting capabilities and helps reinforce that the options that rest at the bottom and make up its soul are rooted in iPod functions. The iPod Touch also retains Contacts, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes, Settings and App Store.

iPod Touch iPod Section

The ones that are down in the lower section are simply areas of the iPod section, as well as iTunes. This is a way that Apple helps to ensure that iTunes is a central feature of your iPod Touch experience. Beyond that you have Music, where your audio files are listed like normal.

Once inside iPod Touch Music you have all the same features that are central to the iPhone iPod section. Movies is directly to the right of Music, with formatting that is similar as well. The other feature that the iPod Touch and iPhone share but the iPod Touch puts in the bottom iPod section is Photo. Again, this works identical to the way it does on the iPhone, yet the iPod Touch Photo section is just in a different section.

iPod Touch Settings

Once you get into the iPod Touch Settings tab you are going to see that the features of the iPod are out in the open with the rest of the basic functions. The iPod Touch Music section has its own tab in the iPod Touch Settings, which separates it from the iPod section of the iPhone. There is already a Nike + iPod section in here, even if you have not begun to use the Nike + iPod section. Unfortunately, you cannot just remove the Nike + iPod tab from the iPod Touch Settings easily.

iOS 5

Now that we are looking forward to the iOS 5 we see that the gap between the iPod Touch and the iPhone is shrinking.  One of the main indications of this is through the iOS 5's iMessages feature, which allows for text messaging between the iPhone and the iPod Touch.  iMessages creates an even playing field between the devices, though this is only capable of the messaging between iDevices.  This really only builds on the additions brought on by the iOS 4 available on the newer dual camera iPod Touch model, such as FaceTime.

iCloud will also act as this similarization process, creating a unified storage facility that will allow access to the same content for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  This means that all devices will begin to have essentially the same content available to them, though there will still be apps that are more appropriate for specific devices based on their format.

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