Business Minded: Tips for Using Stocks on the iPhone

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One of the most elusive, yet most technologically defining, feature built into the iPhone is Stocks. This application is designed to help those in the business or investment communities, even with only a consumer interest, keep connected with stock readings on a consistent basis. This is part of Apple‚Äö√Ñ√¥s attempt to help the iPhone move past its image as a device of pure entertainment and have it compete with smart phone competitors like the Blackberry Storm and various Android devices among those who have integrated their mobile into a professional setting. Instead of forcing the iPhone user to use Safari to find a web service or use an external application they have included one for you, and like many of the iPhone‚Äö√Ñ√¥s included software it is built around quick referencing instead of in depth investigation.  This may be part of Apple‚Äö√Ñ√¥s recent success in the business world, finally dominating as its welcomes in the iOS 5 and iCloud.

Quick Stocks

Stocks is set up similar to Weather, another irremovable application from your iPhone repertoire. When you open it up you are given a loud display with as much information as could be packed into a pocket touch screen. Here you get current read outs for the NASDAQ, the Dow Jones Industrial average, and several others. You can then place your finger on this part of the screen and scroll up or down to view all those that are being listed. Below is a line graph reading that can show the ups and downs of the market on different time scales running from that day to the last two years, but its default is on a six month reading. At the very bottom of the screen it says plainly whether the market is open or closed.

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Customizing Stocks

In the lower right hand corner is the information button where you select to change settings. Here you can add or remove stocks that you want to view on the basic display. You can add more by hitting the “+” button in the upper right hand corner. When you do this a search screen comes up where you can search by company name or the stock ID. From here you can move them up or down the list and add a whole number more if you have quite a few you want to check. It is best to keep it down to the bare minimum, including the NASDAQ and the Dow Jones for constant reference.

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Going Further

As is true of most iPhone apps and social networking tools, the iPhone Stocks really does allow for a little bit of interaction in its newer incarnations.  The bottom panel allows for three different views that you can slide between.  The first is the Apple Inc preference where financial information for the company is given, which may not be of use for the average user.  You can then go to the standard graph read out for year growth by the month, or two the third option that lists relevant business stories for the moment.  If you select one of these you can then be bumped over to Safari for a more extensive look at the text.

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