Car Trouble: Repair Pal Review

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The major fantasy when smart phones first arrived was that these devices would be able to be used to simplify almost any daily task. Arranging your schedule, buying items online, setting up appointments, and just about every other errand that seems to drag you down during the afternoon. Instead of these primary functions being right on the minds of application developers most software for the iPhone were much more concerned with making virtual beer and funny cow noises.

Now we are beginning to see a resurgence of serious and perfectly constructed applications that meet a common need and do so in a way that is reliable enough to actually push the technology forward and into a more central position, and the kind of app integration that we are going to see with the iOS 5 shows this clearly. Repair Pal is one of the best free applications available on the iPhone and its longevity proves that this new technology may actually change the way that we interact with the commercial and emergency world.



Repair Pal is a fairly simple, but genius idea. The program is designed to help you get your vehicle to a place where it can be repaired. The bottom command bar has tabs for getting and estimate, finding a garage to take your car to, and one for roadside assistance. In the estimate category you first enter the kind of car you want then the type of repair that is needed. There is a long and detailed list to choose from on this menu. Once you do this you either enter in a city to look through or have the application reference your GPS position. Once you hit the Get Estimate button you will be given a page that gives you a general price range broken down into parts and labor. You will also get quick recommendations, details about why the problem is occurring, and a layout of the kind of shops that will cost more or less on the general scale you have been given.

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Find a Shop

The Find a Shop function works as it sounds, but does so well and in detail. You get a comprehensive list of shops with all relevant contact information and a place to do customer ratings.  This is actually a nice feature to bring in on the go, but is also one of the reasons why this will work better on the iPhone than the iPod Touch.


Roadside Assistance

The roadside assistance function may be one of the best parts of Repair Pal. You have two options; you can search for a shop that can help you within your area or link directly to a list of manufacturer help lines. This means that you have almost everything you need to get the help.


One of the Best

Repair Pal is one of the great programs on the iPhone, mainly because it not only acts as a mobile option for its function but excels more than almost any service you would be able to find on other platforms.

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