Could “Every Android Device” Be Affected Over HTC Patent Infringement?

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This isn't good news. It seems that parts of Google's Android operating system could actually be infringing on Apple's iOS patents (via Apple Insider). This comes shortly after the ITC said that several Android handsets infringe on iOS devices. Now reports are saying that the patent claims may actually apply to "every android device out there" as the issues in question may actually be parts of the Android architecture.

A Quick recap: Last week's news said that HTC infringed on two patents. They hope to appeal that. If that doesn't work. HTC has two choices: Stop selling the infringing devices, or settle with Apple. Most likely, as wish most tech companies, they will go for a settlement. Still, this can go on for years before we ever know the result. Just expect a back and forth match between the two.

If this is in fact true, it can be more trouble for Android device makers and trouble for Android as a whole. Though we love using iOS, we hate the idea of people being limited in choices. Competition got smartphones where they are in the first place. We'd hate to see that go away.


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