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No News is Good News

The constant news feed takes on multiple forms according to the needs of the consumers. Now that people have seemed to established that they cannot exist without being plugged into a constant stream of news oriented programming, whether on conventional formats like radio or television or more innovative technological forms, it seems as though news is becoming more and more specialized just as cable did for entertainment programming.

Now there is news channels specifically dedicated to things such as weather, finance, and sports, not to mention hordes of other channels selling infotainment in the guise of balanced reporting. One of the oldest and most relied on news institutions is Variety, but only amongst the film and television industry. This publication is the definitive journal for all those who have a serious stake in Hollywood and now it is attempting to expand to the iPhone just as things like the Associated Press, ABC News, and USA Today have. Variety’s foray into the mobile one is a success, taking many queues from it predecessors.

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A Good Variety

Variety has an interface that is almost a mirror image of other news mobile applications. It is starting to seem that the tried and true formula reliance is hitting home with the news crowd as well as the game developers.

When you first open it you are on the news tab, which gives you a nice stream of news stories complete with a headline and first couple lines. Once you select it you are given a short article, which you can then press on an arrow in the upper left hand corner to have you taken to the full version of the article on their website.

Thankfully this actually does that without taking you out of the Variety application, which is incredibly frustrating. The news posts are shown in blog form with all the most recent ones at the top. These are updated on a regular basis so you know you are getting the most up to date news possible.

The next tab over is the reviews tab, which lists all of the famous film and television reviews by name of film or show. You can then go through the same process that you did with the news posts to read the short or long versions.

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The next two sections are somewhat different from the previous ones. The first one is a photo segment that covers relevant news stories purely with photos. This can take a little while, but has a nice interface that shows you all the available photos and just lets you select specific ones for enlargement.

Finally there is a video section that has a few different things on it, but mostly just trailers. It would be nice if Variety would quicken their use of video content, but that is a slow moving transition for all print publications.  Since the Variety iPhone app was develped far in advance of the Retina Display and the iPad you can expect for it to eventually expand its content to be more video friendly, especially when we reach the iOS 5. On top of all this is a final search tab that allows you to find Variety stories specifically through keywords.


The Inside Scoop

Variety is really only relevant to those who are working in this field, and for them this is a must-have. The Variety application understands the nature of mobile use and keeps the preliminary article displays to only a few lines, making it easy to catch up on all the quick news stories. If you are in the industry, Variety has got your back.

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