Goodbye Home Button? iOS 5 Beta 3 Reveals Gesture-Based Controls


Could iOS 5 Beta 3 be another sign that Apple hopes to go gesture-based and remove hardware buttons?

Before we go too far. Rest assured that the Home Button will probably be around for a good while. Still, that doesn't mean that Apple isn't trying to do away with it. At least it seems like they hope to. We've heard in the past that Steve Jobs originally wanted a buttonless iPhone, but at the time, the Home Button was necessary.

Now, maybe not so much. They've been able to create and test gesture-based systems. We saw some early a while back on the iPad, but it never made release. The folks at 9to5Mac found the gesture system above. It's interesting, because they are able to bring up a panel that makes everything gesture controlled, and eliminating the necessity for a Home Button. It wasn't announced with iOS 5, so perhaps it's just something for testing and feedback from developers.


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