Google +1 and the iPhone: App Is On Its Way

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Google's efforts to create the last and all encompassing social network are on their way, though it may be slow and clumsy.

The newest experiment, Google +1, is an effort to take the "Like" feature that people are so fond of on Facebook and bring it to the entire internet.  With this you are supposed to be able to "Like" a website from a Google search, as well as later when you are actually in the website and this will then go out to those in your Google social network.  This is supposed to be one tool of the coming internet complete social network that they hope to do as a way of uniting all the different services, though right now it has not seen itself to be incredibly useful.  Now it is even possible with the iPhone, but not in the way that you might find useful.

Google +1 is available on the iOS, yet it does not have its own app to utilize the system.  The iPhone rumor continues to be that the Google +1 app is on the way, and this is likely true since the feature itself is still a Google Experiment element and just being tested by users.  This feature, which used to be called Emerald Sea, has not chance of getting off the ground until it fully integrates into mobile formats, but right now we are seeing the early stages of this so that mobile users at least have a pattern of use to integrate it into. 

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The images have come in to see what it will look like and will likely be identical to the Android version, but you cannot expect for it to be of much use until there is a better framework for how to use the burgeoning Google social network from a single portal.  From the appearance of the Google +1 iPhone app it looks as though it is the first stage into having Google +1 be a fully integrated social networking tool with pictures and a profile, which would be a major upgrade from the way that the service has been used during its experimental stages.  Until it is finally released we will likely just have to employ the feature in the same way that we do from the browser's on our home computers, but since this is not the way most people like to network on their iPhone then it looks as though it is going to have to be put on the back shelf until we finally see an app release.

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