Hands-On Review: Crystal GABAN Set for iPad 2

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There are lots of things the iPad is good at.  Unfortunately, any kind of data input when you're standing/walking is not one of them.  At worst, you're going to be cradling your tablet in the crook of your arm while typing with one hand.  Even if you utilize an iPad case with an elastic arm cuff, you're still dedicating one entire arm and hand to just support.

Japan-based design company Simplism thinks they have a better solution: the Crystal GABAN Set for the iPad 2 (US$34.99).  At it's heart, it's a traditional iPad covering system — a clear polycarbonate bumper shell plus a protective film cover for the screen (with the usual dust cloth and squeegee for dust- and bubble-free installation).  But it's the extras that set the GABAN apart.  First, it comes with an adjustable carabiner strap that can be attached to any combination of the case's four corners.  This not only allows easy and secure carrying for your iPad, but with a combination of the strap and your belly for support, you actually have a pretty stable platform for typing when a flat surface isn't available.

But Simplism didn't stop there, oh no!  The same corner holes can be paired with an included set of clear plastic rods for a variety of tabletop support options.  And if that's too much like work, a folding desk stand is included as well, giving the GABAN set both protection and support options that are second to none.

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