Hands-On Review: Cushi Soft Foam Pad For iPhone 4

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So id America took a look at the vast majority of iPhone cases out there, and came to a conclusion: "You're No Fun."  Protection?  Sure.  Style?  Sometimes.  But sheer, unadulterated giggles in the service of protecting your iPhone from the slings and arrows of gravity, fumble-fingers, and Murphy's Law?  Not so much?

So they came out with the Cushi line of soft foam padding systems (US$11.99).  Think of it as a memory-foam mattress topper for your iPhone: the colorful (dare we say "whimsical?") EVA foam cover uses a non-residue adhesive to stick to the back of the phone, which also makes removal a clean snap.  The foam not only protects against shocks and bumps, but it actually feels pretty nice in your hand.  A traditional clear-plastic protective film goes on the front, with the usual squeegee'ing to remove bubbles; an included microfiber cleaning cloth will wipe the iPhone down before installing, and keep everything clean after.  There's even a set of matching protectors for your phone's home button.

While the Cushi colors schemes are definitely not for everyone, if you're young at heart — or a die-hard Hello Kitty fan! — you might want to check out the Cushi as a fun phone-protection option.

Check out our hands-on review below:



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