Hands-On Review: Moshi iVisor AG For iPhone 4

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Take it from us: we've installed enough stick-on iPhone front protector screens to to have come to the conclusion that the entire process sucks:  Air bubbles.  Squeegees.  Spray-on liquid primer, even.  Oy veh.

That's why our ears perked up when we got our hands on the Moshi iVisor AG system.  Per the web page:

iVisor for iPhone 4 is an advanced protector that protects the iPhone 4's front glass display from everyday wear and tear.  Unlike traditional screen protectors that require tedious installation procedures, Moshi's proprietary design and patented technology allows installation in seconds without any air bubbles, making it the easiest screen protector to install on the market today.  iVisor's multilayer construction is engineered to offer excellent scratch/smudge resistance while retaining optimal touchscreen sensitivity and feedback.  It is also equipped with Moshi's new polymer adhesive that allows for repeated cleaning and re-application.

Sonuvagun, they weren't kidding.  After a quick wipe-down with the included microfiber cleaning cloth, we peeled off the iVisor's backing paper, smoothed it onto our iPhone's front panel, and…voila!  No air bubbles.  No squeegeeing.  No hassles whatsoever.  You can even remove the iVisor to clean it (with water and dish detergent, no less!), then air-dry it, with no loss of adhesive.  Nifty!

The iPhone version of the iVisor goes for a very reasonable US$19.95.  Got an iPad?  You can get the same protection and ease of installation for US$30.00.

Check out our hands-on review below:


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