Hands-On Review: Naztech Ultra-thin Slide-out Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 4

This image described by Naztech, iPhone external keyboard, Naztech-product-slide-out-iphone-4-bluetooth-keyboard Despite the prognostications of this blogeroo's editor-in-chief re: physical keyboards on smartphones ("In two years, everything will be touch-screen keyboards.  Suck it up and get used to it"), there are still plenty of folk out there — whether they be legacy Blackberry users, sausage-fingered iPhoners, or what have you — who go to bed every night praying that their House of Jobs handset would come with a real, live keyboard.

Well, Uncle Steve may not have heard your prayers, but Naxtech did.  Their ultra-thin, slide-out Bluetooth keyboard (US$86.99) snaps onto your Death Star or Nerd Network iPhone, sends out a wireless "how's your mama," and the next thing you know there's a real life, tactile QWERTY keyboard under your thumbs as you're typing, texting, and maybe even sexting to your heart's content.

The Naztech keyboard runs off its own lithium battery (and charges via its own Mini-USB port), and has a separate on-off switch so you can conserve power when you're actually, y'know, touching the screen for a reason.  Ergonomically, it's not without its quirks: it slides in and out best if you apply pressure either dead center or on both outer edges simultaneously, and (compared to a phone with a dedicated flip keyboard) the top row is a bit close to the edge of the phone, so enter those digits with caution.  Other than that, it absolutely performs as advertised and is the perfect gift for that virtual-keyboard-phobe friend.

Check out our hands-on review below:


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