Hands-On Review: Pinza Cord Management

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By now, you may have noticed there are certain products that make the iSmashPhone.com staff jump up and down like caffeinated hamsters.  And they're not necessarily the most high-tech, cutting edge gizmos out there.  On the other hand, if they're creatively designed, solve a problem in a clever/efficient way, and look DAMN good in the process, we're all over it.

Like, f'rinstance, the Pinza cord holder.  At some point in your life, you've probably tried to wrangle a bunch of cables on and around your desktop, but weren't able (or willing) to permanently tie/staple/tape them together.  Enter the Pinza: a big honkin' chunk of milled and slotted aluminum with a couple of industrial-grade rubber bands on each end.  Remove one band, slide the cables you need to corral into the slot, then replace the band.   Since the slot is cut at an angle, the Pinza provides just enough tension to keep a cable from slithering away.  Need more slack?  Rotate the Pinza slightly, pull as needed, then let it settle to re-secure the cable.  The small unit (US$12.00) will handle one or two cables and is good for confined spaces.  Got more cables and/or desktop real estate?  Spring for the up-to-four-cable model (US$16.00).

Even when it's not doing its cable-managing duty, the Pinza is the sort of weighty, totemic, conversation-piece gadget we delight in finding, and one you'll be proud to display on your desk or workstation. 

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