Hands-On Review: Toddy Smart Cloths

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Let's face it: at some point, an electronic screen in your possession is gonna get dirty.  Dust, grime, fingerprints, lark's vomit…sorry, channeling Monty Python there for a second.  Point is, your screen's gonna need a cleaning — and while grabbing a paper towel or handful of toilet paper'll do the job, maybe you'd prefer something a bit…gentler.  Something reusable, if not flat-out green.  Maybe even something that matches your personality, hmm?

Which is why ToddyGear is convinced you'll spend US$9.99 a pop for their Toddy Smart Cloth.  The 5" x 7" microfiber wiper is plush on one side (for cleaning) and silky on the other (for polishing), anti-bacterial, and has an anti-microbial coating.  It cleans without scratching (a risk you run even with a white cotton undershirt!), and without the need for any fluids — which, if they get into your device (as fluids are wont to do), can turn that US$800.00 iPad into a paperweight with an Apple logo.

But that's not all you get for your ten bucks; the wiper comes in an insane variety of colors and patterns, everything from sedate to psychedelic.  You can even brand the wipers with your company logo, so your customers will think of you as they de-gunk their touchscreens.  And right now, you'll get a US$5.00 discount when you buy two or more, as well as free shipping if you buy three or more.

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