Happy Friday: Watch OK Go’s All is Not Lost

OK Go Chrome All is Not Lost

This is a very awesome video by OK Go. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a group that somehow always manages to put together awesomely choreographed videos. They were originally noticed for their awesome treadmill video. What’s more is they do everything (or at least the seem to) in one continuous take.

Now, they have teamed up with Pilobolus (a groups of choreographed dancers) and Trish Sie to create yet another awesome video. This one is called All is Not Lost. You create a message at the beginning of the video and watch the action play out. It does awesome things with the browser windows, and it totally worth watching. They call it a “Chrome Experiment.” A very cool experiment, indeed. Oh, that’s right, you will need Google Chrome.

Download Google Chrome.

Watch the Video Here.

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