How to Use iTunes on Your iPhone

Jumping on the Mobile

It is standard for most people to plug their iPod or iPhone into their computer for a constant sync to iTunes. For people who have opted not to jailbreak their iPhones then this is the easiest way to import media, update software, and get more material. When you are on the go you do not usually have the ability to plug into your base computer where you have your iPhone registered. Fortunately, you still have a constant internet connection through the 3G network and iTunes keeps itself alive through an irremovable application on your phone.

iTunes on Your iPhone

iTunes, when it is on your phone, works much different than when using it on your computer. It follows the interface pattern that a number of different applications do with tabs at the bottom for what you want to look at. These different sections are there to help you find the media you want specifically according to your preference. These are Featured, Top Tens, Search, Podcasts, and Downloads. Featured media are often music that is amongst top sales lists or ones that have a high visibility at the moment. Even amongst these you can click sub tabs at the top of the screen to look at media by genre, new releases, or “what’s hot,” which is supposed to connote some type of popularity.

The Top Tens tab simply puts music into different generic categories, including iTunes own category, and then lists the top ten most popular. This is infinitely more useful than simply going into the Featured section.

The search function is fairly self explanatory as it really just asks you to search for songs or artists by keywords. The Podcasts tab is unique in that it is specified around different featured podcasts and mirrors the Featured tab. The last one is Downloads, and simply lists those items that you have selected for download.

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Downloading On Your iPhone

When you find an audio track that you would like to purchase you simply select it from the list to go into a more detailed listing for it. If it is a podcast you will likely find a whole list of previous ones, yet these are usually listed as free. From here, you click to purchase the item and you are asked to sign in if you have not already. Once this is clear the buy button turns into a download button that you select again. From here, the title will then go to the Downloads tab where you can see a progress bar as it downloads. Once it is done, it will leave the Downloads tab and be found in the iPod section of your iPhone.


Cell Alternative

iTunes on your iPhone does not replace the incarnation found on your computer. You are unable to download video as those file sizes are often too large to download on a 3G or Wi-Fi network for your iPhone. The best way to approach this is to use your computer iTunes whenever possible and resort to the iTunes iPhone application when on the road.

The Future

As we go further into the future of the iOS we are going to see that learning how to use iTunes on the iPhone will be even more practical, especially through the independence of PC Free.  With this you will functionally be able to utilize major updates remotely and will indicate the ability for the network to maintain serious downloads.  This comes both from the increases in usability over the network, as well as the coming LTE network on both AT&T and Verizon.

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