How to Work a Zune MP3 Player

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Zune In

Though Microsoft's Zune has often been overlooked as its competitor, the iPod Touch, has been so successful, newer models really stand out for their ability to allow a real multimedia experience. Just like with any portable media player, the Microsoft Zune has a little bit of a learning curve, and with all of the features that are coming up on the newer models it may take a little bit of knowledge about the different media file types. Unfortunately, the internet is not flooded with Zune tutorials in the same way it is for the iPod and iPhone, so many users are left in the dark when they are starting out. Here are a few useful tips on how to work the Zune when you are first pulling it out of the box.

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Zune Set Up

The Zune set up process is relatively standard to mobile media devices and MP3 players, and the first thing you need to know about how to use a Zune. You begin by installing the accompanying software on your computer, or you can start off at the Zune website to download the appropriate program. From here you will use the USB connector that came as part of the package with the Zune MP3 player and use it to connect the computer and the Zune itself. From here you will use the Zune's software as the main portal to your Zune, inserting the content media into it so that it can be synced directly to it. You can use outside software with the Zune if you wish, but it tends to be more trouble than it is worth unless you have a specific reason for it.

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Zune Native Formats

It is important to know what the Zune native file formats are as these are what are going to be supported. This is an issue for those who end up finding that the media they are trying to sync to their Zune is incompatible. The Zune itself has a unique operating system based in Windows CE and actually has native formats for most media formats, though the native formats are not going to be unique to all Zune models.

The MP3, AAC, and several WMA formats are roundly observed by the Zune models. For video you can use MPEG-4 and the compressed H.264, except for on the Zune 30. Zune HD will allow for Avi video as well. JPEG is the standard picture format for all Zune devices, which means that many photos will have to be converted from their standard or raw formats.

Zune Music

Finding out how to use the music player is the most important part for learning how to use the Zune, and tips for getting to know that are the most important for new Zune users looking for easy Zune tips. If you are looking to begin listening to music on your Zune, start by choosing the Music option from the start followed by Ok. Here you can choose the correct category for what you want, select a song, and then press Ok. You also have the option here to choose Shuffle so that random music on your Zune will begin playing. When you are listening to a song you may have volume bars moving on your screen. If you want to see the Now Playing screen, with your album graphic, just tap on those bars to change the image.

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