HTC Status: Still Crave a Physical Keyboard? Here’s the Facebook Phone

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There aren’t all that many reviews of the HTC Status aka The Facebook Phone floating around, but the new handset is due to arrive July 17th and will run $49.99. That of course includes the standard 2-year-contract.

So far, the few reviews we’ve seen are fairly positive. It runs on Android 2.3, and is said to feel pretty much like an Android phone. The major difference is that it emphasizes the Facebook features. They say the hardware is nice and feels great to use. Sadly, it only has a 2.6-inch screen at 480×320, but many will probably appreciate the physical keyboard. That’s something missing from most popular smartphones these days. It’s something we’ve gotten used to, but some users would still rather have those keys. Understandable, as typing on an iPhone or Android can take some time to get used to.




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