iFixIt Teardown: Motorola Droid 3


The people at iFixIt took apart a Moto Droid 3. Within the smartphone they found some interesting pieces. Let’s take a look at some of what they encountered during their teardown. One discovery that was interesting is that the device has a SIM card. As they note, CDMA-based networks (such as Verizon) do not need SIM cards.

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They note that a lack of a SIM card would make it difficult to use internationally. This will allow the handset to be used “almost anywhere” in the world. Good for international travelers. They also add the following:

“A very attention-grabbing informational card included with the phone is neon orange for a reason. For some regions outside the USA, data charges might be as high as$20.48 per MB!”

Other than that, it’s parts and specs (many of which have been reported in the past). You can look at the full teardown at iFixIt.

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