iOS 5 Beta 3 Adds AirPlay Mirroring for FaceTime

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Photo Credit: Rene Ritchie/tipb

You may soon be able to use FaceTime on the living room TV.

Looks like there have been all kinds of cool little features found in iOS 5 beta 3, such as the gesture-based controls.

Today, yet another feature has been discovered. Unfortunately, it’s not clear if that feature will make it into the final build of iOS 5. This may just be something included in the beta for some initial testing. Still, the idea of having someone show up on the TV screen opens up some interesting possiblities, as Rene Ritchie of puts it, “it’ll be fantastic for families and businesses alike.”

Imagine being able to virtually visit grandma and grandpa, or your brother who has left for college. It’s also nice for conferences in the workplace. Cool stuff. Let’s hope it makes it in.

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