iPhone Destruction: Slingshot Master Creates Custom iPhone Slingshot




This guy is awesome. He built a custom slingshot that's desgined to launch iPhones. What's interesting is the care that went into building it. He talks about designing the slingshot so that it can't fling around and come back at him (a friend of mine once got hit in the family jewels trying to launch a waterballoon, so it is possible. With an iPhone, it would probably kil you.) He shoots them into the air and into walls and at a big lump of ballistics gel. We even get some slow motion shots.

The iPhones get destroyed, but he only launches two and they are both older models. So it looks like he just had them lying around after upgrading and figured it would be fun to destroy them. 

By the way, if you enjoy watching iPhones get crushed and burned, we actually put together a list of memorable ways iPhones and iPads have been destroyed. It's just the usual stuff, microwaves, steamrollers. Steamrollers? Yeah.

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