Ireland Gets a Bump: Apple Adds 350 Jobs in a New Cork City Office

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Apple is giving a boost to the Irish economy by investing even more jobs on the island.  Apple is now establishing 350 more jobs in Cork now that a brand new office is being initiated into the middle of the city.  This is not necessarily a surprising turn as Apple has already favored Ireland with 3,000 employees in the Hollyhill neighborhood, and now that offices on Half Moon Street in Cork have been leased it seems that they are even creating an investment in the city after many businesses have pulled out to move to cheaper real estate in the out skirts.  This will make Apple a consistently high employer not just for the country, but also for the city area itself with a number that will be coming close to 3,500 employees.

The history with Cork goes all the way back to 1981 where it has inhabited the Hollyhill area, and now they are coming in hard by taking the top two stories of a major 75 million euro development complex.  This equals to being a 25,000 square foot facility and could even extend into the lower floors if expansion for this location is required.  This may not even be the end as Apple has made property and storage investigations all around the city, and this could continue as Apple hits new heights.

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What Ireland, and Cork specifically, act as for Apple is a base to develop services for the Middle Eastern, European, and African markets, with this being a central location as it is in general proximity to the North American operations.  This new number of 350 employees is only a drop in the bucket for Apple who has 45,000 employees over their global operations.

In an official statement from the Industrial Development Agency, it was said that, ‚Äö√Ñ√∫Apple is one of the many global technology companies with operations in Ireland. Since it established in Cork 30 years ago it has been a significant employer in the south-west region." 

What this really says is that Apple wants to stick with the communities that it has a history with rather than just picking up where it is cheapest and easiest to conquer.  It is this type of friendly relationship that will help its longevity, not just with consumers, but with the rank and file workers as well.


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