Is the MacBook Becoming Less of a Priority for Apple?

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Rumors say that the mystery part number may not have been a MacBook, it may have been a Thunderbolt-enabled display.

Where's the MacBook? According to some of the latest rumors going around (via MacRumors), the part numbers that have been found don't show a MacBook. That's contrary to some of the stuff we've heard in the past (Here and here). As with many Apple-related rumors, it also goes to show that most of us have no clue what the heck Cupertino is up to.

The rumors of the new MacBook Air are all over the internet. Along with it are rumors of the new white MacBook. It's been kind of a mixed mish mash of rumors, many of which may not be accurate. Much of it based on common-sense and guesswork (i.e. We all know that Apple refreshes their computers each year) and some of it comes from insiders, at least that's what the reporting websites say.

Apple also happened to post (by mistake?) the image (above) and the one below:

This image described by Apple, Thunderbolt, MacBook, MacBook Air, apple cinema display, mac os x lion, MacBook Pro Cinema Display

The image at the very top of the post is the cinema display with Lion and the image just above is a MacBook Pro with two Apple Cinema Displays daisy-chained thanks to Thunderbolt.

If the latest rumors are accurate, a part number originally thought to be the new new MacBook may actually be a Thunderbolt-enabled Apple Cinema Display. Now, this doesn't mean that Apple isn't planning to roll out a MacBook update, but it's worth noting that there have been a
few rumors in the past that Apple would like to kill off the optical drive. Many speculated when the MacBook Air was released that it may one day replace the MacBook, which is an Apple laptop aimed at the consumer-level user. The baseline MacBook Air is available for the same price as the MacBook and could very well be where Apple plans to take the laptop. Steve did mention when he introduced the MacBook Air that they saw it as being the future of their notebooks.

Any upcoming laptop would no doubt be released just after or alongside Mac OS X Lion, which many figure will arrive next week (though it was originally thought that we would see it this week).

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