Is This the iPhone 5 Case Design?

iPhone 5 Rumored Case Design

If all the recent rumors are any indication, consumers, media and analysts can’t wait to see what the new iPhone looks like. That’s why it’s no surprise that today brings us yet another rumored design (via MobileFun). This one shows what is supposed to be an iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S) case design document.

If real, it means the next iPhone will have a curved back, much like the models that preceded the iPhone 4. The home button may also be larger. Worth noting, however, is that the camera and the flash are right next to each other, contrary to some of the previous rumors.

We’re not entirely sure we believe it, but it’s not as if Apple is willing to confirm or deny the legitimacy of this image. All we can do is add this one to the rumor pile and wait until it’s official.

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