ITC: HTC is Infringing on Two Apple Patents

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Apple isn’t getting along with other tablet and smartphone manufacturers lately. First it was Nokia (a case which has since been settled), then it was Samsung and Apple over Samsung’s alleged patent infringement and most recently Apple tried to bar HTC from selling certain handsets in the US.

Today news breaks that the International Trade Commission has ruled that HTC has in fact infringed on Apple patents. Two, to be exact (of the 10 that Apple originally alleged in a complaint). This could actually mean that HTC has to stop selling their product in the US. That’s not a good scenario.

However, it’s reported (via CNET) that HTC will file an appeal:

“HTC will vigorously fight these two remaining patents through an appeal before the ITC Commissioners who make the final decision,” said Grace Lei, general counsel for HTC. “This is only one step of many in these legal proceedings.”

If they cannot appeal the ruling, they will likely just settle. That’s usually what tech companies do. They sue the pants off of each other and settle. Oh gosh.

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