iTunes 10.4 Available For Leopard (10.5)


iTunes 10.4

Hello Leopard users. You will be happy to know that Apple hasn’t forgotten about you. It’s tough sometimes as a computer user. Perhaps even more so with Apple. They like to phase stuff out to get people on the new stuff. Seems to work for them, but it’s often a bummer for the consumers. At least Leopard still matters to Apple, and it should. Snow Leopard wasn’t a major update, so we don’t really have to count that one. Lion? Okay, not that’s a real update, not just some under-the-hood stuff.

If you live in the US, you will only be able to rent episodes of TV shows in HD, according to the iTunes 10.4 info page. You should also know that the newer features, such as full-screen, will not work, as they are Lion-specific. In fact, as far as we can tell, this update is all about Lion.

[Via Apple]

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