Lodsys Takes Aim at Rovio, EA, Atari, Take-Two and Square Enix

It’s the return of Lodsys (actually, they never went away, but we wish they would) and this time they are going after Rovio for Angry Birds on iPhone and Android. Also on their hitlist, Electronic Arts (EA), Square Enix, Take-Two Interactive and Atari. We’ve already heard some background, and we know that Lodsys is going after developers with in-app purchase systems. Even then, the patent troll has ongoing lawsuits with major companies, accoridng to FOSS Patents: HP, Brother, Adidas, Best Buy, The New York Times Company and more.

The only thing I ever really want to ask one of these patent trolls, and it’s a serious question: You hold SO MANY patents, why don’t you actually put them to use? It just stops others from making worthwhile products.



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