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Those Make-A-Wish stories are always a bit tough to read. It’s both heart-warming and heart-wrenching to read the story of a terminally child being given the opporotunity to do that one thing he or she has always wanted to do in life. Either way, Make-A-Wish is awesome. PopCap is also awesome.

10-year-old Owain was diagnosed with pre-B acute lymphomatic leukemia last year, and has been going through treatment since. He’s always wanted to see what it’s like to work with game developers, and PopCap decided to bring him along for the ride and make a game during PopCamp.

What’s actually very neat about all this is that even the designers were impressed when the kid showed up with a powerpoint presentation detailing his ideas for the game. As PopCap shows, the kid had a backstory already written:

“You are a military genius who has just been released from cryo-sleep. Your brilliance in the Lunar War convinced the A.S.P. (Allied Star Police) to put you in cryogenic slumber, just in case WWIII showed up. It’s not exactly WORLD war three, more Galactic War one…”

The kid had all his units and characters planned out, weapons, firepower, etc. At one point during the week-long development process, Owain saw the characters and said, “This is space, those guys need helmets!” (Miyamoto in training?)

At the end of the week, they held a launch party and gave him an iPad loaded with PopCap games as well as his creation, Allied Star Police.

What’s more, PopCap has decided that they will continue with the game. They are going to keep working on it and add things to each new build. Nice work, Owain.

You can check out the game here. It’s short, more of a demo, but it’s actually very well thought out.


Free on the App Store.

[Via PopCap]

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