Refurbished MacBook Air and MacBooks Are A Nice Deal


We love it when a new line of Apple notebooks come in. Not just because we want the newer, faster stuff. No. It’s because last year’s model gets a nice price drop as Apple tries to clear inventory.

If you’re interested in a MacBook Air, but don’t quite want to break that $1000 mark, you might be happy to know that the 11-inch 2010 model is down to $749 right now. That’s $250 off. Trust us, the MacBook Air, even the 2010 version is enough computer for the typical user. We still have ours, and we love it.

Of course, even in our positive review of the laptop, we called it more of a traveler’s or writer’s tool. Other computer users may still want their optical drive.

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Well, the MacBooks are also on clearance. Apple has the 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo-powered MacBook for $849. It’s not as big of a discount, but it’s a nice little purchase for the college student who just needs to get work done.


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