Report: Apple to Launch $350 Unsubsidized iPhone End of Summer?


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Website Boy Genius Report (BGR) is reporting on the the upcoming release of the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S and the less expensive iPhone that have been heavily rumored in recent months. If the rumors are real, Apple will release two iPhone models, and BGR says that it may happen by the end of the summer. The two models would be the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S) and the lesser-expensive model that we’ve heard rumors about in the past.

Just what is this more cost effective model? Right now it’s speculated that it’s just the iPhone 3GS. However, nothing has confirmed that. It’s entirely possible that Apple has a new handset up their sleeves, but even that leaves us wondering why they would focus on creating a new iPhone to sell it as a budget model. Whatever the new, low-priced iPhone is, the reports say that it will go for $350 unsubsidized.

As for the next-gen iPhone, BGR reports that their source has told them that there is a “radical new design” but it remains unclear whether that will be the next iPhone. It’s always possible that the next iPhone will look much like the current one and that the redesign is actually Apple’s work on the iPhone 6.

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