Report: iOS 5 Beta Causes a Developer’s Charge Cable to Ignite


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Well, we've heard weirder news before. The image above is an iPhone charge cable that is said to have caught fire thanks to iOS.

Here is the the Tweet from iOS developer Gus Pinto:

"My charging cable caught on fire while charging my iPhone 4 running iOS5. #Fail

Pretty terrifying when you think about it. Whether or not iOS had anything to do with it. Had he not been around to see the fire, things could have been much worse. Still, we don't know that the operating system was the reason it happened. We're not electricians or hardware/software experts, is this possible? (We know that devices catching fire is very possible for a number of reasons, but could iOS 5 beta really have been the reason, or the sole reason?).

Either way, crazy things happen, and we're glad no one was hurt and nothing of value was lost other than a possibly shoddy charge cable.



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