Report: New MacBook Air Coming Next Week

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Website All Things D, citing multiple sources, is reporting that the long-rumored MacBook Air refresh is happening next week. This update will include the Sandy Bridge processors from Intel, the backlit keyboards that was left out of the 2010 models and of course the Thunderbolt port. The base model is said to be equipped with the 128GB SSD while the next step up will give you 256GB.

If the report is accurate, we will be seeing the new laptops Thursday or Friday. That's probably about when we can expect to see Mac OS X Lion as well, which will be available via the Mac App Store for $29.

Lion, like the MacBook Air, takes a few ideas from Apple's iOS devices. The updated interface and App Store are a big part of Lion and are heavily inspired by iOS. The Air itself draws some inspiration from the iPad, based on what Steve Jobs said when he introduced the current iteration of the notebook. 

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