Report: White iPod Touch Coming This Year, But Don’t Expect a Huge Update


Like this, but in white.

According to website AppleInsider, Apple will be releasing a white iPod touch this year. The news comes from Concord Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, who says his checks show that Apple is ordering white iPod touch parts.

The device is currently the only one in Apple’s iPod line that has shown any sort of growth, says Kuo. Even then, the report says that we shouldn’t expect a spec update for the touch, just the new color.

Furthermore, Kuo noted that his same round of checks reavealed a drop off in MacBook production. The MacBook was discontinued earlier this week, and is now only available to educational institutions.

When asked why the iPod touch my sit with it’s current specs, Kuo explained that it’s about keeping more priority on devices like the iPhone and the iPad, which make up 68 percent of Apple’s sales.

This all makes sense, especially if the iPhone announcement comes in September. The new iPod line (or what’s left of it if they discontinue anything) will be shown off quickly enough, and it would take a back seat to the iPhone for the rest of the presentation.¬†iPod sales are on the decline every year. Apple’s Q3 2011 iPod sales were at 7.54 million, down 20 percent from last year. As Apple has shown with the MacBook, they are not afraid to drop a product.



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