Riding High: Oregon Trail Review

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Along the Trail

Anyone who was ever graced with the hard plastic love of an Apple IIGS and plate sized bendable floppy discs remembers Oregon Trail. This game, played mostly through sparse bits of manual inspired narrative, took you from one seaboard to the other in classic Trail fashion. You chose your profession, which indicated the difficulty you were selecting in Oregon Trail, packed your covered wagon with supplies, and set off.

Now this experience has been brought to the iPhone from Gameloft will a major facelift. Beyond the fairly small $0.99 price tag this is still a substantial gaming experience that anyone who grew up in the eighties and early nineties will find more than nostalgic.

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The Oregon Trail has a complete interface that includes a nice cartoonish graphical representation to add to the experience. On top of the normal “decision making” engine that game originally in The Oregon Trail there are a number of mini games that are actually more fun than you would expect. They are a bit of a cheap ploy to use the iPhone motion sensors, but still fun.

The big feature of The Oregon Trail is dealing with events as they occur. This includes dealing with sickness and famine, as well as going outside the normal parameters of your brought food and hunting local wildlife. All of this is essentially a text-based formula, but there is enough going on screen that it makes you forget a little bit that there is no really free graphic action.

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Check It Out

The Oregon Trail for the iPhone really does add a lot to the original design and makes it a fun game that is perfect for the mobile format. There is a free version available from Gameloft that you should try out first. For many people this free version of The Oregon Trail will be enough, but for true die-hards, the full version is where the money is. This is a modest game, but does what it does so effectively that it is easy to recommend in the end. In the iPhone world populated by MMO text-based iPhone RPGs it is nice to find a game like The Oregon Trail, which is self-contained.  There is a free version available, but you may as well have the fully updated, has Facebook connectivity, and 8 minigames for less than a buck.

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