Rumor: Apple Adding Manufacturer For iPad HD and iPad 3

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Website Digitimes is reporting that Apple plans to add a second manufacturer for the next iPad tablet. It seems that this may be the rumored iPad HD (which may arrive later this year) or the iPad 3, which should still arrive at it's usual time in Spring of 2012.

Digitimes cites industry sources, saying that the second manufacturer may be Taiwan-based Quanta Computer or Petagron Technology. It's also said that Petagron is manufacturing the iPhone 5. Which, Digitimes says, may make them more likely to win the contract.

If the iPad HD is what reports say it is, the tablet will be more to the iPad what the MacBook Pro is to the MacBook. A higher-level, more professional solution at a premium price. The iPad 3, on the other hand, will continue on track as Apple's next consumer-minded iPad. To be clear, the iPad 3 and iPad HD would not be the same tablet, according to the rumors.


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