Rumor: Is This Apple’s Lower-Priced iPhone?


iPhone 4S Rumored

Reports are circulating that the above image is the lighter, more budget-friendly iPhone. Perhaps it’s the iPhone 4S, or another model that will be launched alongside the upcoming iPhone 5.

We debated about posting this one for a bit. Still, it’s grown big enough so that we can’t let it go. We are also taking into consideration the fact that it comes from Vietnamese website Tinhte (via AppleInsider), which actually has a great track record when it comes to early Apple reveals, such as a new iOS feature, the camera-equipped iPod touch and a MacBook update complete with packaging. The image above is rumored to be Apple’s lower-priced iPhone, which is said to be due sometime this year alongside the iPhone 5 (which is reportedly due to arrive during the second week of September)

The more budget-friendly iPhone has been rumored for a while now, it started with reports of a smaller iPhone and then some additional ones about a new iPhone to compete with lower cost Android devices.

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