Rumored iPhone 5 Cases Hint a Longer, Wider Handset



iPhone 5 Rumored case Compare

iPhone 4 case next to supposed iPhone 5 case Image: 9to5Mac

We’ve been seeing the allegedly leaked iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S cases for about a week now. What started as an image of a schematic later became some supposed images of a leaked case. Now, another set of images has shown up, courtesy again of 9to5Mac.

If this is in fact an iPhone 5 case, we can expect the new phone to be thinner. That’s expected. However, the device is going to be a half-inch wider as well. In addition to that, it will be longer. Also interesting is the difference in the space for the Home Button. In previous models, it was just a small, circular notch. The newer design doesn’t have anything of the sort, and some past reports have said that the new iPhone may have a larger Home Button.

Keep in mind that this may not be real at all. Still, 9to5mac says the following, “Although we are not able to absolutely confirm that these cases will fit the fifth-generation iPhone, the sources of these cases stress that the information used for design and manufacturing came from their own proven industry sources.” They say that their sources have in the past provided very accurate information on the iPad 2. So it’s worth at least a look.

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