Skyfire VideoQ Makes It Easier to Enjoy South Park (Review)

Skyfire, as some may know, is the iOS browser that allows users to view Flash video content on their iPad. There are quite a few ways, but Skyfire is probably one of the best, and is totally official (no hacks or tricks required, just a purchase from the App Store).

Now, Skyfire has come up with a cool new app, and this one is almost as cool as the browser. The idea is that most users probably prefer their built-in Mobile Safari browser. It’s a good browser, it’s solid and it’s designed for efficiency in iOS. Most users, whether or not they have Skyfire, probably use Safari until they get the missing plugin box, indicating that they will need Flash to view some content. Of course, there is no Flash plugin for Mobile Safari, so most users have to switch out and visit the same page on Skyfire.

Skyfire’s VideoQ makes the process much easier by allowing users to queue up their flash videos. Say you are browsing around in Mobile Safari, and you come across a video you can’t view. From there, you can shoot a link from Safari with the “Mail Link to This Page” to (Note: setting up VideoQ requires a registration, but it’s free aside from the $1.99 app). Then, you launch the Skyfire VideoQ app. There, you will see your queued up videos. On top of that are some “What’s Hot” and sections designed to show popular videos from various channels such as technology and sports. Those videos are based on viewer interest. If it’s popular with SkyfireQ users, those particular videos will be at the top of the What’s Hot lists.

If you enjoy South Park (say what you will about the current season, but we liked the cynicism episode) you can queue up several episodes, and then some, then watch them through the app at a later time without having to navigate around SouthParkStudios. Just queue ’em up and watch when you have time.

Overall, it’s a nice application. It’s two bucks, so it won’t break the bank. If you already have Skyfire, it may not be completely useful, but if you love mobile Safari and just need a way to watch the occasional Flash video (or South Park) you can always go this route.

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