Spotify Invites Are Open in the US

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Ready to stream on-demand music on your iPhone or Android device? It may be coming very soon, thanks to Spotify.

Spotify is huge in Europe. It's coming to the US, but the average consumer on this side of the pond doesn't know a lot about the service. It's basically just a music streaming service. Imagine having pretty much all the music you can think of available on demand. As the company puts it, "millions of tracks ready to play instantly, on your computer and your phone."

Heck, even Zuckerberg likes it, as he once wrote on his Facebook page, "Spotify is so good." We're sure more details will come soon, but we hear that users in Europe get 10 free hours per month. After that, they must pay for the service. Let's see what happens when more details are released.

Sign up for an invite here: Spotify.

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