Survey: 33% of US Consumers Plan iPhone 5 Purchase

iPhone 4 Angled Shot

PriceGrabber, a site that allows consumers to compare prices of products across retailers, surveyed nearly 3,000 shoppers earlier this month. The results have been released, and they show that 35 percent of US consumers plan on purchasing the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S.

Of that 35 percent, 51 percent plan to pick it the iPhone 5 at launch. 14 percent will buy it during the first month. Finally, 7 percent plan to purchase within the first week.

What are some of the things shoppers are hoping for? Improved battery life and a reduced cost. That’s what they see as most important as 59 percent of respondents said they want a better battery life. 55 percent want a price reduction. 46 percent want 4G connectivity (they are probably in for a disappointment, unless Apple has something up their sleeve). 45 percent want a larger screen. 42 percent say they want a better camera. All according to the survey data.

Also found is that 48 percent of respondents like iOS. For Android it’s 19 percent, while Windows Phone 7 is seven percent, and RIM’s BlackBerry is down at six percent.

[Via PriceGrabber]

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