Survey: Some Smartphone Users Are Confused About 4G

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Retrevo recently posted a survey. The results show that many users are not quite clear on 4G. Of people were asked if they planned on buying a 4G cellphone this year, many mistakenly said they already owned a 4G phone.

According to the survey, 29 percent of Android users mistakenly think they own a 4G phone. 34 percent of iPhone users think the same and 24 percent of BlackBerry users think they have a 4G phone.  Retrevo suspects that it may be due to the name that so many iPhone users think they are using a 4G phone. iPhone 4, may lead some to assume that the 4 stands for or signifies 4G. It's not the case, but it does go to show that 4G is becoming such a big buzzword in the cellphone industry that many users just figure they have it without knowing what exactly it is.

You can read a bit more, and view the data in more detail, at Retrevo's official blog. 

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