Tap It Out: Finger Physics Free Review

Now for Something New

Once in awhile the free iPhone game developers really innovate in terms of the unity between design and gameplay, taking special consideration to redefine the boundaries of both. The concept of providing a package of mini games is common amongst free iPhone games, but this can be taken to the next level when the series of games have a unifying set of stylistic choices.

Finger Physics Free for the iPhone uses the touch screen in an innovative way by creating a stacking game that asks us to take awkward geometric objects and balance them on top of each other. This actually ends up being one of the more entertaining out of the new flurry of free iPhone games to hit the iTunes’ App Store.

Little by Little

This app comes at the player with very short blasts of gameplay. This requires short tasks that you solve, then sending you to the next one in the game missions. These different stages are then stacked up in a colorful grid at the beginning, which continues the preschool dream images that constitute the whole of the title.

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Coloring outside the Lines

Many of these stages in the game constitute actions such as simply stacking different shapes until they get to a certain level. This may sound relatively easy, but it can become moderately difficult. There is not a huge variety in this app, but the design is so colorful that it does end up looking like a crayon portrait from kindergarten.

The location functions are also a nice touch here and when you are first jumping in it will ask you if you want to employ it, giving away a few free offers if you accept.


As you get further in this game you will be able to bounce around in different levels. This adds the longer standing depth of gameplay, which does extend the life of this free iPhone game. However, this is not going to respond to the lack of diversity and the eventual boredom that may come from completing the game.

Check the Maybe Box

Finger Physics Free is never going to top out as one of the best iPhone puzzle games, but it can still be a relatively fun free iPhone game that pops on the touch screen. Try this app for a while and see if it is for you. At the same time, you may want to ignore the advertisements for other iPhone games that are built-in.  Now that Game Center has begun to dominate the iPhone gaming platform you can expect that social networking will become a central part of gameplay for Finger Physics Free, especially once the iOS 5 is released. You also have the option for using Open Feint, but it really depends on whether or not this seems relevant in a post-Game Center world.

One thing that should be noted bout Finger Physics Free, which is also called Finger Physics HD Free for the iPad native version, is that this is specifically the long-standing title.  Finger Physics: Thumb Wars Free is also an available alternative, but this is not the going to remain a consistent title and has not been updated since 2010.  Finger Physics Free consistently receives updates and will likely be the place where you find a continually upgrading free iPhone game.

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