The iPhone 4 is Stronger Than You Think


This phone survived a 13,500 foot drop. It’s shattered, but it still works. (Image Credit: CNN)

The glass exterior of the iPhone 4 may not be able to take much of a hit, as many unfortunate users have found out the hard way. A man named Jarrod McKinney was one of those individuals. He learned that one when his 2-year-old dropped the handset. Imagine his surprise when he also found out that his iPhone survived a 13,500 foot drop. The device fell out of his pocket while he was skydiving. Sure, the glass was destroyed, but using a “GPS tracking app” he was able to find the device on top of a building…a half-mile from where he landed. That’s the first indication that it was still functional.

What did he do next? He called the phone “just to be funny” and the darn thing worked. That’s a tough little phone.

[Via CNN]

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