The World Prepares for Mac OS X Lion

Lion, the latest version of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system is landing this week. Most reports point to tomorrow.

In Retail

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Right now it seems that everyone is preparing for the Lion release. It’s rumored that tonight Apple Stores will pull out the black curtains for an overnight event, which is likely to be for employees to set up the new Lion promo material and install the software on all their computers. Yesterday reports surfaced that Lion GM had arrived at some Apple retail locations and that they will be using hard drives to install is on the machines overnight. Additional reports even say that the stores are getting a Mac Pro equipped with Lion, but little has been said beyond that about the Mac Pro. Though website 9to5Mac believes it may be used as a caching center for easier install for users installing at the Apple Store. It’s also reported that Apple Stores will be given three disc images: Normal, Pro and Joint Venture. They may each have their own set of installed software and some specualte that there may be new stuff within those installs.

One third-party Apple seller reportedly put up their promo materials a bit early (and later took them down).

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The Mac App Store Updates

Applications have also recently started appearing on the Mac App Store. The Apps are updated to work with Lion. For instance, the popular Evernote, which received an update on July 18th:

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Around the Internet

Meanwhile, there are users on Twitter eagerly awaiting the release. Here are a few tweets we found for users waiting on Lion:


“MAC¬†OS¬†X¬†Lion… when are you Releasing???¬†#Apple¬†…¬†Waitingeagerly¬†for¬†this release…. !”

“Waiting¬†for¬†Mac¬†OS¬†X¬†Lion¬†#apple¬†is almost as bad as¬†waiting¬†forForest to make a signing¬†#nffc¬†Forest signing complete where isLion”

“The things I’m¬†waiting¬†for¬†this summer -moving in the new house -OS¬†X¬†lion¬†for¬†the¬†Mac¬†-my new mini cooper clubman -_-¬†#impatient

“I’m on the web constantly resfreshing the news page patientlywaiting¬†for¬†The release of¬†Mac¬†OS¬†X¬†Lion”


Day one for you?

Is Lion going to be a day one purchase for you? Or are you even planning on updating? Does this feel like a bigger update than Snow Leopard was? Let us know in the comments.

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