This Guy is Already Waiting in Line for the iPhone 5


Image: Metro News

That’s right. This crazy fellow is waiting in line outside the Covent Garden Apple Store in London for the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S. Actually, he’s got it made. This “crazy” fellow was given $64,000 worth of goods in sponsership. In turn, he will promote the products on his blog. What exactly has be been given? Well the Metro News [via Gizmodo] says, “”everything from scented candles and aftershave to use of a $32,600 Chevrolet car, $1300 worth of outdoor gear and food from top restaurants.” Not a bad deal.

Rob Shoesmith, 29, is a marketing executive for Medl Mobile. His company makes iPhone apps. His goal, ultimately, is to document the the experience on his blog.

He’s in for a long wait, but it won’t be all that painful with all those sponsers giving him stuff.


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