This is What an iPad 2 Looks Like When You Leave it on the Road

iPad 2 Flattened

This is a sad story. It truly sucks for the person whose iPad 2 it was. They were heading out, and they had their new iPad 2 (which they’d only bought three weeks before). Unfortunately, someone forgot their iPad on top of the car. It happens, but usually we are fortunate enough for it to be nothing more than a McDonald’s cup filled with Dr. Pepper. Sadly, this wonderful piece of consumer electronics was flung off the car and onto the road. We’re sure it was done the moment it hit the pavement. Then of course a few people ran it over no doubt as is apparent by the picture of a flattened out iPad. At least this person will always be able to say that their iPad is the thinnest tablet on the market. That’s something, right?

Of course there is always more iPad and iPhone destruction to watch on the internet. Most of it is intentional though: here and here

[Via Adam Fields Tumblr]

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