Tips for Directions in iPhone Maps

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Hidden Map

The Maps function for your iPhone brings the absolute best of GPS and online map navigation right into a mobile environment. In this way, you can use navigation and approximation to find almost any location, and get a real time image of you en route. Working with this feature is easy for most iPhone users used to things like Google Maps online, but there are still some ways to maximize the tools you are given.


Enter Text

When you open Maps to use it you are likely going to be searching for a specific address. When you hit the Search button at the bottom you will be given a text box at the top to enter the address. As you enter the address make sure to enter the number, the street name and the name of the town. This is all you really are required to enter into Maps as it tends to fill in any gaps. Things like zip codes tend to be unnecessary, unless you are out of the country.

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Once you have found an address you will probably want to find directions from where you are at to the new location. This is where the GPS function comes in handy. Just hit the Directions button at the bottom then select to use your current location. Now you will be able to see yourself moving in real time along a track set from your original location to the destination. After looking at the whole path and the summary of time and distance, you are going to want to zoom in on yourself so you can also see the name of the streets you will be dealing with. Since Maps sometimes gives a gap between your movement and the movement of the icon on the screen you are going to want to be able to see the names of all the streets you are using. If you zoom in enough you lower the chance of lag between your movement and the icon movement.


Eye in the Sky

If you press the “eye” button in the lower right hand corner of the display, you get a whole new host of features. One of the best things that you get here is the ability to put in a little purple pin on certain parts of the map. This is a good way to mark certain things along a path, especially if this is a map trek that you intend on using again. If you plan on going back to these directions more than once you should simply begin typing in the address numbers to the search box. Once you start, you will be given the entire text of all previous searches that used that character combination. Here you will be given the address again, and here you will just use your Current Location once again and use the track system.

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