Tips for Using the App Store on Your iPod Touch

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The App Store is the central hub for all application software that is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There has always been two main options for using the App Store: on your computer's iTunes software or the App Store application on your iPhone. This left iPod Touch users without a mobile option for downloading apps, but now that the App Store has made its way onto the iPod Touch they now have many of the options that iPhone users have had the luxury of for years, and this has not changed even though we have reached the fourth generation of the iPod Touch. Here is a look at the App Store applications that now comes standard on the iPod Touch's operating system and some tips for using it.

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Wi-Fi Connection

The iPod Touch only allows for a Wi-Fi connection and does not have the 3G network to tap into, as the iPhone does. This is actually fine for downloading apps from the App Store on the iPod Touch as it is quicker in general than the 3G network and there are still limits for what can happen through that data connection. What you should make sure that you are working with is both a secure and fast Wi-Fi connection, which is best found at your home or at work and school. This will make the process more efficient and will not leave your iPod Touch's security features open.  You can try to do regular updates when connected to the Wi-Fi network, but you may want to try to use your computer for the bulk of your updates.


Wi-Fi Limitations

You are still going to have limitations on the Wi-Fi connection and you cannot make this the standard way in which you download your iPod Touch apps. For large downloads you are going to want to avoid any wireless download procedures and instead head back to your computer, which you should be syncing with on a regular basis.  This has been made more accessible recently, but until the iOS 5 you will still need to regularly sync your iPod Touch to your computer for appropriate updates.


Backup Apps

When you download apps to your iPod Touch from the App Store application they will be on your iPod Touch, but they will not be anywhere else. This can be a problem for expensive iPod Touch apps as you are going to want to have backups of these apps. To do this you will just want to sync your iPod Touch to your computer after purchasing and installing apps so that they will be backed up on your computer's iTunes. This will allow you to easily slip them back onto your iPod Touch if you return it to factory settings.

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You are going to need to customize your App Store settings through your iPod Touch, though many of the settings will already be adjusted on your iTunes account as you have already been using it for quite a while. Go into your iPod Touch's Settings and then select Store, which will be right under Photos and above Mail, Contacts, Calendars. It is here that you can then sign in to your iTunes account and then make the changes that you want, but most of these can also be done manually on your computer's iTunes.

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