Touch DJ Evolution: Easy Enough For the Rhythmically-Challenged

DJing is considered a profession that requires skill and years of experience. It looks easy at a glance, but keeping track of two beats at once and setting seamless loop points in a song are much harder than you’d think. Top that with the fact that it’s happening live and people are dancing along, on minor mistake can destroy the vibe in an instant. It’s not something just anyone can pick up and do, that’s why highly-skilled DJs like DeadMou5 are so famous.

There are software solutions for iOS. While fun, those are designed to emulate traditional DJ setups. They don’t cater to the average user. Sometimes, the solution becomes harder than just using traditional DJ hardware because of the lack of tactile feedback, which makes the process of mixing even more difficult.

Touch DJ Evolution offers a different solution. It manages to simplify the mixing by making it a single tap action. It uses a technology called “1-Tap Auto-Sync.” This makes it possible to sync your two tracks and easily, yet seamlessly, crossfade. Those wanting to fade between tracks no longer have to deal with the complexities of beat-matching.

All of the functions are accessible on a single screen. This eliminates switching through menus or getting lost in a sub-menu during a mix. The layout makes it all appealing to the user. The neon glow of the semi-transparent interface gives it somewhat of a futuristic vibe.

The app is free, and can help average users become the next Tiesto of Paul Van Dyk. Still, it’s not without its flaws. For instance, the FX could be better and the track analysis can take too long at times, but it’s only the beginning of this app.

We’re sure the app will be updated and even more automated DJ mixing solutions will follow. Can we call it the end of traditional Djing? There will always be the purists, but for those who truly want to have fun with music, and not commit financially to the traditional DJ setup, the answer could be yes.

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