Two iPhones Coming in September?

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Website 9to5Mac says that they have received some information from a reliable source. This information aside from stuff they say “is already known” includes the rumor that Apple will be selling “two totally distinct iPhones in September.”

If their source is correct, one of the phones will be less expensive and will be designed to compete against lower-cost Android devices. The other will be high-end and feature a new design. They add that “there will be no mistaking these two devices,” and that they are “immediately discernible.”

We’ve heard rumors like this one before, but they tend to bounce back and forth. Many of them have described the same sort of thing. Some say it’s a smaller iPhone. However, one analyst speculated that the 3GS is the cheap phone. That’s also possible, but several rumors point to a new phone that’s just much more budget-friendly. On the same note, other rumors say that while the phone will happen, it won’t happen this year. Love the ol’ Apple rumor cycle.

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